For the ancient Greeks the word KAIROS (Καιρός - with the accent on the “o”) symbolised the right moment, the point at which something special happens.

Kairos Media Group decided to reinvent aspects of the “New” in order to preserve what was good in the “Old”, namely beauty, life, spirit, reason and humanitas.

Founded in January 2023, Kairos Media Group combined in fact the publishing operations of Tile Edizioni (ACIMAC) and Pack-Media (UCIMA): two publishing companies with a long history behind them, whose paper and digital products have been telling the story of the evolution of their respective reference markets for years.

Kairos Media Group is thus an expression of the integration process of operational and strategic integration between the Italian Automated Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association and the Italian Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, which however maintain their separate identities. The two associations have been sharing their headquarters, organisation and services for years with the aim of improving their efficiency, presence, provision of services and political representation.

Trade magazines:

  • BRICK WORLD REVIEW, the international magazine devoted to brick and roof tile production technologies, is published in 3 standard issues + special issues in Hindi, Russian, Chinese and Farsi.

  • CERAMIC WORLD REVIEW, since 1990 the best known and most widely circulated international magazine devoted to ceramic tile and sanitaryware production technologies. Every year it is published in 5 standard issues in English/Italian + 3 special issues in Hindi, Russian and Chinese.

  • CERAMIC WORLD REVIEW PERSIAN, the Farsi language version of Ceramic World Review, was first launched in 2012 and is now the best known technical magazine for the sector in Iran. It is published by Arta Group and comes out in 5 issues per year.

  • MATERIALICASA, the Mag-Book dedicated to architecture, design and surfaces.

  • TILE ITALIA, launched in 1989, is the leading and most widely read Italian bimonthly magazine within the distribution channels of floor and wall covering materials, bathroom furniture and interior finishing.

  • TILE INTERNATIONAL & SURFACES INTERNATIONAL, a four-monthly magazine in English sent out to the leading importers and distributors of floor and wall covering materials and bathroom furniture the world over.

  • ITALIAIMBALLAGGIO, since 1994 the magazine has been punctually and steadfastly reporting on packaging materials and machines, but also information on packaging design, market trends, sustainability to thus improve knowledge of products and producers.

  • PACKBOOK Buyer's Guide, since over 20 years the only yearbook in Italian and English for the process and packaging industry.



  •, the world's leading e-magazine for the ceramic industry with e-newsletters sent out fortnightly to 20,000 readers. Since 2020 it is also available in Farsi (

  •, the Italian e-magazine focused on home finishings: floor and wall coverings, interior finishings, bathroom furniture and building materials, with e-newsletters sent out to 17,000 Italian architects, companies and distributors.

  •, the e-magazine in English focused on home finishings: floor and wall coverings, interior finishings, bathroom furniture and building materials, with e-newsletters sent out to 25,000 architects, companies and distributors outside Italy.


  •, the webmagazine by ItaliaImballaggio whose contents are promoted with monthly newsletters, sent to over 70,000 operators in the sector in Italy.

  •, the communication platform on sustainable innovations for large consumer industries and large-scale distribution.

  •, the “in progress” database which can count around 500 processing and packaging materials, machines, components and service suppliers.

  •, the webmagazine in English which offers daily updates on the national and international packaging industry.