ItaliaImballaggio October 2022

  • Ecomondo, Simei, Ipack-Ima, Pharmintech
  • Powered by Best Packaging. The good ideas. From research to shelf
  • Artfully and cheerfully ennobled (Luxoro, Kurz, Venchi)
  • Tube of the year 2022 (European Tube Manufacturers Association - etma)
  • Glass packaging
  • State of packaging report (3) Situation updated to the first half of 2022
  • From innovation the answer to the food crisis
  • French-style exhibition ecosystem. Interview with Guillaume Schaeffer, managing director di All4Pack
  • FCMAs, additives, PAAs: updates and developments (Sun Chemical)
  • Blockchain for anti-counterfeiting in the cosmetics market (EUIPO)
  • Under development the first waste to hydrogen plant in the world
  • Steel packaging: growth in collection and recycling (RICREA)

... and much more