ItaliaImballaggio September 2023

  • Print effects. Testimonies of value from Packaging Premiere
  • There’s plastic and plastic(FKuR Kunststoff GmbH)
  • Berlin Packaging for 145 Vodka
  • Operating efficiency: a key element in investments (Couchbase)
  • From the Machinery Directive to the Machinery Regulation (TÜV Italia)
  • Control of labels and flexible packaging without defects (Prati)
  • axenia value actuators extend Hygienic Design line (WITTENSTEIN)
  • Coming from nature, returning to nature (Ecofoam, Dimontonate)
  • Environmental contributions reformulated for paper, wood and glass(Conai)
  • High-performance techno-polymers for any type of movement (igus)


... and much more